New customer panels help drive change


Over two hundred of you have signed up to help improve our services, through our Customer Engagement Programme.

David Kingsley customer panel member standing outside his A2Dominion development 

Getting involved is an opportunity to have your say about the things that matter to you the most as a customer.

We want to get things right and make sure our services meet your expectations.

Over the last three months, dozens of you have been sharing your views through surveys, workshops and three new customer panels.

The panels comprise of customers with different experiences, demographics and backgrounds. They live in a range of developments including leasehold, shared ownership and social housing.

Our panel members get together throughout the year to discuss what we can do to get better on a wide range of issues including complaints, rent and service charge and communications.

The customer panels are:

  • Customer offer: This panel looks at how we deliver services locally. Customers are helping to shape our improvement plans and our service standards.
  • Digital and communications: Customers are involved with the development and testing of our digital services and helping us better understand what you’d like to access online and provide feedback on how we communicate with you.
  • Customer affordability: This is about how grant income and charitable funds are obtained, sustained, and distributed to meet customer needs. The panel will review our offer and identify any gaps in our funding support that would benefit customers.

David Kingsley has been a customer with A2Dominion for just over 2 years. He has been an active member of the Customer Engagement Programme since it launched, providing valuable feedback. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his studies in Housing Practice and Understanding Tenant Support.

David is a member of the Digital and Communications Panel. He is passionate about inclusion and highlights the importance of having a diverse range of panel members representing different cultures, ages, and experiences.

He said: “Customer engagement is so valuable. I’ve really enjoyed being part of the panel, which provides an opportunity to engage with customers from different backgrounds, hear their views and build trust.”

David experienced some anti-social behaviour in the development where he lives and was able to provide valuable feedback on his experience of how the situation was managed, which included partnership working with the local Police Neighbourhood Team.

He adds: “An important part of being on the panel is understanding how our feedback is being used to make changes and help shape services. I hope our involvement will make a positive difference to the experience of other customers.”

Your feedback in action

Your feedback is already making a difference. So far this year, using the feedback customers have given us, we’ve:

  • Improved how we write complaints responses, using feedback from customers who reviewed real examples that had been anonymised.
  • Made sure that policies and customer information is relevant, written in plain English and easy to find.
  • Put forward recommendations to enhance customer safety information so it is accessible, clear and relevant.
  • Promoted our accessibility and translations service more widely and included information as standard on our leaflets, letters and posters.
  • Provided feedback on how we can improve our digital services and make them more relevant and accessible to customers.

Karen Reid, Assistant Director of Operational Performance, said: We’ve had a great response to the Customer Engagement Programme and are delighted to have our customer panels in development. Thank you to everyone for the time and insights you are giving us to help improve our services.

“Please get in touch with us if you’d like to get involved, you can give as much or as little time as you want. We’ll also be regularly sharing the actions we’ve taken following the feedback you’ve given us.”

Want to get involved?

There are many ways for you to give feedback on specific topics, reviewing our services or assessing our performance. You don’t need any previous experience to get involved, just a desire to improve our services and make a difference.

Sign up now.