We're investing over a million pounds each year to make your home more energy efficient

Your home

We’re investing £1.5m this year to improve the Energy Performance Rating (EPC) of your homes to help meet our target of a minimum Band C rating by 2030.

This is part of our ongoing commitment to make your homes more energy efficient and cheaper to heat.

Our latest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report sets out our commitment to sustainability and highlights the progress we’re making to improve your homes and the communities you live in.

The report also reveals that we’ve almost doubled the percentage of new homes with a top energy efficiency rating of EPC A, building more than any other large housing association this year.

Reducing carbon emissions 

Over the last financial year, we’ve taken steps to help reduce carbon emissions and energy bills by installing 867 band A gas boilers, 400 low energy lights, 300 double-glazed windows and 269 loft and cavity wall insulations into your homes. The rising cost-of-living means it’s more important than ever to ensure we help make homes as energy efficient as possible.

Ian Wardle, CEO of A2Dominion, said: “Our customers are our priority, and we’re working hard to lay the right foundations to become a high performer that consistently delivers for them. “The achievements we’ve shared in this report are just a step in our wider sustainability journey. We will continue to reflect and improve on these achievements and our efforts to truly provide homes people love to live in.”

How we're supporting customers to access support

We’ve supported more than 2,000 customers to access £7 million in grants, benefits and funding to meet the increased cost of living. We’ve also given £12,000 worth of emergency energy vouchers to nearly 300 households.

Our Neighbourhood Improvement Fund awarded £140,000 in grant funding to support 15 local improvement projects, including upgrades to communal areas, bike sheds, bin sheds and play areas.

Read the latest report 

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) 2023 report