Our corporate annual report 2022/23


This month, along with our Customer Annual Report, we also published our corporate Annual Report & Accounts for 2022/23.

Mother and child walking

The last year has been a challenging one for us and the housing sector as a whole, with a significant increase in the cost of running our organisation. At the same time, we also put more resources into improving our existing homes to ensure they are safe and comply with new building regulations. As a result, we recorded a loss of £12.8m in the last financial year.

We want to reassure all of our customers that despite these challenges, we continue to be a financially strong organisation, with many of our services performing well.

Our top priority remains our customers and delivering the best services we can for you. We also recognise there are some important areas where we need to improve and are committed to putting these right.

We passionately care about customer service and want this to drive everything we do. This is reflected in our new corporate strategy which is focused on improving the safety and quality of our homes, our responsiveness to customers and the effectiveness of our service processes.  

You can find out more about our financial end-of-year performance in our new corporate Annual Review alongside our Customer Annual Report.

We’ve also published our new corporate strategy setting out our priorities for the next few years.