New system to assess our homes and services


Our social housing regulator is inviting you to provide feedback about tenant satisfaction measures they’re implementing, to assess how well social housing landlords are providing good quality homes and services.

Satisfaction measures proposal

What is being proposed?

The Regulator of Social Housing is proposing that we as landlords should regularly ask you 12 key questions about your experiences in relation to your home and related services. These questions cover a range of topics including safety, repairs and complaints. We already ask for feedback or report on most of these measures or similar themes.

Why are these changes happening?

The implementation of satisfaction measures is one of the steps the government is taking as part of its charter for social housing residents that was published in 2020.

Who can get involved?

Tenants of all housing associations are being asked to comment on these national proposals. If you live in an A2Dominion social housing property, we encourage you to provide your feedback to help improve the sector.

How to get involved

You can visit the government website to find out more about the satisfaction measures proposal and complete their survey to submit your feedback.

Please visit our website for more information about how we collect your feedback and what we do with it.

Please note the consultation closes on Thursday 3 March.