Neighbour troubles? We can help

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It’s easy sometimes to get irritated by something our neighbour does or says, which can lead to a minor dispute. Did you know we offer a free mediation service to support you to find a solution that works for everyone?

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What is a mediation service?

A mediation service is an effective way to resolve a dispute with your neighbour that is free, confidential and informal. If you have a noise, pet, or parking issue with your neighbour, we can refer you for mediation.

You’ll sit with trained mediators to discuss your concerns in a constructive and non-confrontational way and come up with a way forward so that you and your neighbour can live alongside each other with understanding and compassion.

What does it involve?

Mediation can be done face-to-face or via a video call. The mediators will meet with you to talk through the disagreement you’re having with your neighbour. They’ll also have a separate meeting with your neighbour.

After these meetings, the mediators will arrange a joint meeting with you and your neighbour, where you’ll both have an opportunity to speak and explore the situation you’re experiencing. The mediators will guide and work with you and your neighbour to find resolutions that you’re both comfortable with.

How will I be referred to the service?

If you report an issue to us regarding your neighbour, one of our neighbourhood officers will get in touch to consider whether mediation can help.

If you’d like more information about our mediation services, please get in touch with us.

Have you tried our ‘good neighbour card’?

If you haven’t tried talking to your neighbour, you might like to use our ‘good neighbour card’. It’s a simple card you can complete and pop into your neighbour’s letterbox or under their door. The idea is for you to politely let your neighbours know about something they’re doing that is affecting you – since they probably don’t even know they’re causing a problem. You can download and print the ‘good neighbour card’ from our website or can contact our Customer Contact Centre for more information.