How to keep things sweet with your neighbours

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School holidays and summer days can be a great time to have fun and let your hair down. But your neighbours might not always agree. Fortunately, there are easy ways to be a good neighbour and encourage yours to do the same.

Keeping things sweet with neighbours

Noisy neighbours?

Did you know that noise complaints tend to rise over the warmer months? Sound travels further, as we spend more time with our windows open to enjoy the fresh air and keep our homes cooler.

You probably don’t even realise when your voice, music or Netflix programme are carrying to your neighbours’ home. When in doubt, it’s good to turn the volume down, so we can all enjoy the summer.

Little happy feet

If your neighbours have children, you should expect some noise from them as they play or cry. We all remember what it’s like to be a child during the summer holidays.

If you have children, encouraging ‘quiet time’ in the evenings or late at night should keep your neighbours happy, especially if you live in a flat. Otherwise, they are likely to hear noise through the walls and their ceiling.

Furry companions

If you have a dog, try to keep it calm during the day so that it doesn’t whine or bark. This is especially important during the night, as noise from your pets may disturb your neighbours’ sleep.

If your pet is unwell, speak to your neighbour to let them know, as your pet may make more noise than usual.

Summer get-togethers

While it’s great to have family and friends over, please try to keep the noise down, especially in communal areas. You might not want the fun to end, but your neighbours may not feel the same after 11pm.

Talk to your neighbours

Your neighbours probably don’t realise they’re making too much noise. Most people will try to help if you ask nicely and explain how it will make your life easier.

Our ‘good neighbour card’ can help you talk to your neighbours and let them know about something they’re doing that is affecting you. You can simply complete and pop it into your neighbour’s letterbox or under their door.

You can download and print the ‘good neighbour card’ or contact our Customer Contact Centre for more information. 

Do you need a mediator?

Did you know we offer a free mediation service to support you to find a solution that works for everyone? It’s an effective way to resolve a dispute with your neighbour that is confidential and informal. If you have a noise, pet, parking or any other issue with your neighbour, we can refer you for mediation.

You’ll sit with trained mediators to discuss your concerns in a constructive and non-confrontational manner and come up with a way forward. You can find out more about our mediation service on our website.  

For more information

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