Suicide Prevention

Creating hope through action – World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention day logo
In the UK, men are 3 times more likely to die by suicide than women. Suicide can affect every one of us and the impact can be devastating.

Today marks World Suicide Prevention Day – a day aimed at raising awareness around suicide and promoting action to help reduce suicides and suicide attempts. The theme for this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day is Creating hope through action.

“Hope” might not be a word that immediately comes to mind when thinking about suicide. But your actions, however big or small may give hope to those who are struggling. Through an action as simple as picking up the phone, you can make a difference to someone in their darkest moments, whether as a friend, parent, child, neighbour, or colleague. We can all play a role in supporting those experiencing a suicidal crisis or those bereaved by suicide.

Who can help?

There are many agencies that can help you or a loved one. A few of these are:

You can also get in touch with us and ask to speak to the Safeguarding team. If you’re nervous to speak to the agencies directly they’ll refer you to the correct one.