Why is A2Dominion still working at some sites?


Some of you have got in touch asking why A2Dominion staff and contractors working on our behalf are still carrying out work in and around your buildings. Here we explain the reasons, how we are following government guidelines and the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe.

Coronavirus work continues

In the current climate, we are all understandably concerned about our own safety and the safety of others. In this spirit, we want to be open about the reasons we still have people working at some building sites and schemes.

Carrying on where possible

The government is encouraging all businesses, except some non-essential shops and venues for music and other arts, to carry on as much as possible.

The vast majority of our staff and contractors are now working from home. But for some, such as builders and those carrying out urgent repairs, this is clearly not possible. Again, the government’s advice is for those people to continue to work where possible.

Why are we still carrying out repairs?

Our repairs are currently carrying on as usual as long as you’re not showing symptoms or in strict self-isolation for another reason (eg. your age or any pre-existing health conditions). It’s important that we carry on this work to maintain your home and keep it safe.

You can read the steps we are taking to keep our staff and customers safe while we carry out repairs, including the use of full PPE equipment, here.

Why are we still carrying out maintenance work?

As with our repairs, we are continuing to carry out maintenance work such as external cleaning and bulk removal where we can.

As this work is done outside and without coming into contact with residents, you may notice this carrying on largely as normal. Find out how we are keeping our staff safe.

Why are we still building?

On the sites we manage solely, we halted all work to build new homes on 25 March. However, for the time being there are some sites still open where we manage them jointly with one or more partner.

On every site where we are continuing to build, we are following site operating procedures laid out by the Construction Leadership Council.

Supporting local authorities

In some cases, the work we are carrying out is vital to help local authorities cope with some of the challenges they are facing at the moment. One example is where we are converting many of our empty properties to shelters for homeless and vulnerable people. You can read about this and other work we are doing to support vulnerable people. We will continue with this important work as long as we can do it safely.

Updates if things change

Everything we are currently doing is in line with government and sector guidelines as they currently stand. However, as we all know things are changing very quickly at the moment. If and when the advice changes, which leads to changes in the way we work, we will let you know here.

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