Safer Streets – What you need to know

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Safer Streets is a UK-wide project being run by the Home Office to fund crime prevention activities and projects in local neighbourhoods.

Safer Streets is a UK-wide project being run by the Home Office to fund crime prevention activities and projects in local neighbourhoods.

Last year, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey successfully bid for £547,000 funding to deliver a range of crime prevention projects and works in the Northlands Estate and Dutch Barn Close communities. A2Dominion have also provided significant funds on top of this for additional security works including all CCTV on the Northlands blocks and new doors with mailboxes on three blocks at Dutch Barn Close. 

Safer Streets is being jointly delivered by A2Dominion, Surrey Police, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Spelthorne Borough Council, and AST.

What work is happening in my neighbourhood?

The projects funded by Safer Streets will be slightly different depending on where you live.

Northlands Estate

  • Shackleton Court, Wessex Court, Vickers Court, Tudor Court, Clifton Court, Fleetwood Court, Bristol Court, Sunderland Court and Vanguard House will all have new security gates installed on the ground floor. The colour will differ from building to building to make it easier for visitors, delivery drivers and emergency services to find your building. We’ll also be installing a secure intercom and key fob system.
  • We’ll be replacing all internal communal doors with more secure doors featuring magnetic locks and automatic closers. These doors will also have intercom and key fob entry systems. Clifton Court and Fleetwood Court will also have the external doors to the ground floor flats replaced.
  • Most of the blocks will benefit from new secure mailboxes on the ground floor.
  • We’ll be installing CCTV cameras to monitor ground floor entrances in all blocks – including the mailboxes. The cameras are not monitored live but can be reviewed if there is a reported incident.
  • Shackleton Court, Vickers Court, Tudor Court and Bristol Court - we will be moving the car park gates further forward to prevent people from loitering in the undercover area between the driveway and where the gates currently are.

Dutch Barn Close

Dutch Barn Close improvements

  • We recently erected a new perimeter fence around Dutch Barn Close to stop people from cutting through the open areas.
  • Blocks 1-11, 15-31 and 33-49 have all received new, secure communal entrance doors with new mailboxes. The Door Entry and Access Control systems were upgraded last year and additional Access Control was installed to the rear doors.
  • We will be installing a drop key protection box (DPB) over the fireman’s switch which controls entry to the building. Emergency services will be able to access the fireman’s switch as required via their key system.

Where can I get more information?

If you have any specific questions, you can email us or you can speak to your Neighbourhood Officer or Leasehold Property Manager.

We also held an online resident information session hosted by David Munro, Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner, where we went into the project in more detail.

A recording of the session is available online.