How to be spooky (but safe!) this Halloween

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Throughout the year, our usual traditions have changed to keep us safe. From family gatherings to Easter egg hunts we’ve had to be creative about how we do things – and Halloween will be no different.

Safe HalloweenAs we approach the spookiest weekend of the year we're sharing our top tips on how to have fun, be safe, and follow government guidelines this Halloween.

Try a new Halloween tradition

Unfortunately, traditional trick-or-treating may help spread coronavirus.

Meeting numerous households and exchanging sweets can provide a quick way for the virus to travel around various homes in a short space of time.

To keep safe, you and your family could try a new Halloween tradition such as a:

  • Virtual party using a video-calling app such as Zoom or Skype
  • Socially distanced scavenger hunt to find spook-themed items outside
  • Movie night with a scary horror film and Halloween-themed snacks

Trick or treat with a twist

Why trick when you can treat? How about a new twist on your yearly trick-or-treating tradition?

You could reverse trick or treat, by leaving pre-packed sweets at a friend or family member's door.

Using pre-packed sweets can help reduce the risk of spreading infection, as it stops you touching the sweets themselves. Think Santa meets the Easter Bunny, minus the chimney but plus some fake blood and cobwebs.

Master the face mask

If you're meeting up with people outside your household, visiting an indoor hospitality venue, or using public transport, you'll need to wear a face mask or covering.

Seeing as it will be Halloween, why not get creative?

Add a face-covering to your costume to stay safe and scary.

As always, make sure it covers your nose and your mouth – all the better to disguise you!

Keep it outdoors

While this may seem like a challenging ask during the colder months of Autumn, you mustn't mix with other households if your area is at a 'high' local Covid alert level. Now might be the time to consider a warmer costume!

If you are out with other households, make sure you don't visit each other's houses before or after.

If your area is at a 'medium' local Covid alert level, you can socialise with other households in groups of up to six indoors.

Make sure to social distance where possible, regardless of your local Covid alert level.

Stick to the rule of 6

It’s so important that you limit your group to 6 people whether you're indoors or outdoors, regardless of your local Covid alert level.

Gathering in a group of more than 6 people is illegal in England and doing so could land you a fine of up to £3,200. Now that would be a scary Halloween!

Whatever you end up doing this weekend, take care of yourself and others and have a safe and happy Halloween.