How to be ‘bin-smart’ during coronavirus

Your home

As we all stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll probably find that more rubbish is ending up in your household bins than normal.

Bin smart

To help your bin space go further during this time, and to keep the area clean and tidy, we’ve got some handy tips.

By taking care when disposing of waste, you can avoid unsightly bin areas, problems with pests and unpleasant smells; at a time when we’re asked to be especially considerate to those around us.

Know your collection times

Your local council is probably running bin collections as normal, though you should still make sure.

If you’re unsure which council handles your collections, you can find out on GOV.UK.

Once you’ve found your local council’s website, you will be able to check collection times.

By checking, you can ensure you have your bins out at the right time and avoid missing a collection. This stops rubbish from building up, which avoids all sorts of problems.

Use the right bins and bags

Use the correct bins and bin bags when you dispose of your waste. Most councils have different bins and bags for different types of rubbish.

For example, Hillingdon Council asks that general rubbish is put in black bags, but dry mixed recycling is put in see-through bags.

By sorting your rubbish instead of throwing it all into general waste, you can free-up space in your general waste bin and avoid contamination – learn more about bin contamination on our website.

Recycling is much better for the environment, as it saves rubbish being sent to landfill.

It’s worth remembering that different bins and bags will usually be collected on different days. You can check this on your local council’s website.

Wrap up the wet stuff

Wrap food or moist waste products when you’re throwing them away. This can prevent mess and unpleasant smells when a bag splits.

If you’re using carrier bags, tie the top of the bag like you would with a normal bin bag.

This might seem obvious, but a small change can have a big impact, especially when many people are sharing communal bins.

Show your bin area some love

Please don’t leave bags outside your communal bins and ensure all available bins are used. This helps to keep your bin area clean and tidy for everyone around you.

By keeping your bin area clear, you’re helping waste teams empty your bins easily. If your area isn’t tidy, then waste teams can refuse to empty your bins.

A messy bin area can attract pests. If a vermin problem develops and pest control needs to be called, you may be charged.

Local waste teams are working hard and in very difficult conditions, so please be considerate and help make their jobs easier.

What if your bins overflow?

If your bins start to overflow, it’s likely because either:

  • Your council has missed your collection. If this happens you should contact your local council.
  • More rubbish has been thrown away than normal. If this happens then contact us.

There are many things we cannot control at the moment. Let’s work together to get the simple things right. Thanks for your help.

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