Help us tackle tenancy fraud

Your home

Tenancy fraud is serious business. Not only does it cost the government an estimated £1b each year, but people who need affordable housing are missing out on a home.

Tenancy fraud

There are many different types of tenancy fraud, but the most common are:

Unlawful subletting... renting out your home without permission from us. This can include using your home as an AirBnB, as well as renting out rooms in your house.

Lying to obtain housing...

...can include giving false information to get a property you aren’t entitled to. It might also include moving into a different home, but allowing family or friends to live in your rented property.

Changes to your living situation...

...such as moving in with your partner and no longer using your property as your main home, or your partner or adult children moving out of the house.

How to spot tenancy fraud

  1. Are different people moving in and out of the property on a regular basis?
  2. Is someone collecting rent directly from your neighbours, or are they paying their rent in cash?
  3. Do your neighbours forget when bin day is?
  4. Has a new person or people moved in with your neighbours?

Tell us about it

If you suspect someone in your neighbourhood is committing tenancy fraud, you can report it online  or call us on 0800 432 0077.

We investigate all reports of tenancy fraud, and guilty parties may face up to two years in prison, and a fine of up to £5,000.

Anything you tell us will be held in strict confidence, and you can make your report anonymously if you like.

By reporting tenancy fraud you’re helping us provide homes for people who need them most.