Are you ready for winter?

Your home

As the days get shorter and colder, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what you might need to do to protect your home this winter.

Ready for winter

Here are our 5 top tips for surviving the worst the winter months can throw at you:


1. Dealing with damp 

Colder weather often means more condensation which can lead to damp or mould. To help this problem, always open windows when you are cooking and washing, and make sure you use your extractor fan. Try to cover pans when cooking, and dry laundry in a room with an extractor fan. Read more useful tips on how to prevent mould and condensation.

2. Keep your home at a constant temperature

We recommend you set your thermostat to around 19-21 degrees. This keeps your home at a constant warm temperature and is also more cost-effective than heating your house from cold.

3. Bleed your radiators

Make sure your radiators are working properly by bleeding them if you need to. A radiator that needs bleeding will be warm at the bottom and cold at the top. All you need is a radiator bleeding tool.

4. Know how to switch off your water

It’s worth checking you know where your stopcock is so you can easily shut off your water in an emergency, such as if your pipes freeze. It’s usually near the place where the water comes into your home, for example under the sink, under the stairs or near your front or back door. Read useful information on what to do if your pipes are frozen.

5. Prepare your outdoor space

Leaves and mud can block drains which can cause leaks in the roof and walls. To stop this, make sure you clear your gutters. It is also worth checking that any loose items, such as bins, are stored somewhere safe to stop them getting blown away.

If you have older relatives or neighbours, it’s a good idea to check on them during a cold snap - as they may need extra help during the winter.

If you do need a repair this winter, you can request one online or call us on 0800 432 0077.