A fresh start in care and a new lease of life


Our Care and Support team is always on the lookout for outstanding people to fill a variety of roles, and they can come from all walks and stages of life.

Vivian Sneddon

We recently caught up with Vivian Sneddon, who started working for us at 67 and claims that she’s still picking up new skills thanks to the ‘fantastic’ team around her. She has worked in our Beechwood Grove extra care scheme near Reading since it opened in 2019. She told us how she “didn’t think for one second” that an employer would offer her a permanent job at her age, but that now that she’s in, she couldn’t be happier.

A fresh start

“I’ve always done care work. I started off as a childminder, then I had a short break because I was caring for my mum and dad. Then, when my mum sadly died, my husband and I cared for my dad while I came back to do more paid care work” Vivian said.

“I was working for Care Watch, who provided care to the residents when the building opened, and when A2Dominion were awarded the permanent contract my employment transferred to them. They said they were really happy that I came over to work for them because they thought I’d done a good job. It’s been 3 years now and I’ve loved every bit.”

A supportive team

One of the reasons Vivian has enjoyed working for A2Dominion is the support and training she’s received since day one. Like many others who work in care and support, she sees this as a big advantage of taking a salaried job over potentially more lucrative agency work.

“Anyone that comes though these doors, they get so much care” she said. “They are really looked after. And my supervisor would never let anyone go onto the floor until they were good and ready, she’s a stickler for that. You will shadow someone until you are ready to do the work on your own."

“Everybody’s fantastic. I had all the help I needed right from the start. It was lovely, I can’t fault it.”

Still learning

As well as the soft skills more traditionally associated with care work, Vivian has also learned more general things that she and many others from her generation previously never had.

“I’ve learned so many new skills,” she continued. “I couldn’t even turn a computer on when I came here. I didn’t even know what button to push, the whole thing petrified me. Now I can do all the basics without any problems. My trainer said to me don’t worry, there’s a woman of your age who couldn’t do anything when she started and now, she’s teaching other people.”

Looking for a career in care?

If, like Vivian, you are looking for a new opportunity in life, whatever your age and background, why not get in touch with us and see if you can receive the excellent support and training that she’s had? We’d love to hear from you if you’re just leaving school, are simply looking for a new challenge, or like Vivian if you thought you’d never get a chance with a new employer again.

As well as new skills, our roles come with full benefits and pension, the chance for flexible working to fit around your circumstances, and the supportive environment that Vivian describes from the moment you start.

To find out more, you can contact caroline.john@a2dominion.co.uk or simply visit our vacancies page to find your next role.