Mike’s story: How my job makes a difference to people’s lives


Our Housing team are always looking for unique and talented people to join them in various roles. And you don’t need to have specific experience. Read on to hear Mike’s story and how you can apply to work with us too.

About Mike

Mike, 27, started working for us in October 2020 when Covid hit the world. He says that having transferable skills from his previous job helped him get to grips with his role. He told us that one of the best things is “I really enjoy going out to meet all our customers and getting to know them. Working for an organisation that has a resolution to help improve our customers' quality of life is so satisfying.”

A new challenge

“When Covid hit it made me reflect on my career and I decided it was time to start looking for a new challenge doing something different. I felt the Housing industry would be a great opportunity with loads of potential for progression and to grow.

“Knowing I would be helping people manage their tenancies and reduce the chance of them being evicted and made homeless really fuelled my drive to apply for the neighbourhood officer role. I was absolutely thrilled when I got the phone call with my job offer”.   

Transferable skills

Mike came from a role within the prison service which was very different from working in Housing. He felt he had “gained a lot of useful skills” from that role which would be beneficial within the Neighbourhood Team. These skills included anti-social behaviour management, problem-solving and knowing how to interact with a variety of different individuals”.

As well as developing these skills further, Mike has learnt to do new things in his housing role. “Thanks to the vast amount of training, I’ve learnt many new skills like identifying safeguarding concerns and fire safety. I’ve even learnt how to manage anti-social behaviour more effectively”.

A supportive team

One of the reasons Mike has enjoyed working at A2Dominion is the caring environment.

“Since I have worked at A2Dominion, support has never been hard to find”, he said. “My team is always happy to take time out of their work schedule to help me with a problem or difficult situation I may have. My management team is also available at any time to give me advice and guidance. With a team like this you’re never left feeling stuck.”

Looking for a career in Housing?

If, like Mike, you’re looking for a new challenge or an opportunity to make a positive difference to people’s lives, get in touch with us and see if your current skills can help you with a housing role today. We’d love to hear from you if you’re just leaving school, looking for a career change, or looking for a new challenge.

As well as new skills, our roles come with full benefits and pensions, the chance for flexible working to fit around your circumstances, and the supportive environment that Mike describes from the moment you start.

To find out more, simply visit our vacancies page to find your next role.