Do you need to report anti-social behaviour?

Your home

We want your neighbourhoods, homes and buildings to be a peaceful and secure place for you to live. Our Neighbourhood Teams work hard to prevent anti-social behaviour (ASB) in our communities and support customers who experience it. If you do need to report ASB to us, we'll do everything we can to help.

When you report anti-social behaviour, there’s a procedure that we need to follow. As much as we’d love to solve your problem straight away, it can take time.

How can I report ASB?

The easiest and fastest way to report ASB is online using My Account. If you don’t have an account, you can set one up in just a few minutes. You can also get in touch with our friendly Customer Contact Centre.

What we will do

We can help you but sometimes not all of these apply, so it depends on the case.

  • When you get in touch with us, we’ll try to respond within 48 hours. If you report it over the weekend or a bank holiday, it may take us slightly longer.
  • Where possible, we’ll encourage you to solve your differences directly with the person causing the issues. This could include arranging mediation. 
  • Work with the police, social services or the Environmental Health team at your local council to solve the issue.
  • Work with the person causing the problem to sign an ABC (Acceptable Behaviour Contract) or get a parent or guardian of a young person to sign a parenting contract.
  • Evict them. We may go to court for a possession order or a warrant of eviction, The final decision is made by a judge and this is always our last resort.

What you can do

  • Keep records of any incidents caused by the same person and update us regularly. You can download incident diary forms from our website and send them to us every 2 weeks.
  • Download and use the good neighbour card, which can be found on our website. This can be used to communicate with your neighbour.

Isaac's story

Isaac's neighbour in the flat above him was making so much noise and dumping items that sounded like heavy weights on the floor. 

"When I finally got fed up with the situation, I tried to speak to my neighbour and asked him to stop the noise. He told me he would not stop and then threatened me with violence. I reported it to the police, but the noise still continued," explained Isaac.

Isaac then decided to report the noise to us. The officer he spoke to "was very attentive and took all the details of the complaint and reassured me it would be dealt with."

We have spoken to the neighbour and the noise has reduced greatly for Isaac. He goes on to say, "I wish I had reported problems sooner instead of being frustrated in silence. I'd advise other residents to have the confidence to report issues like this to A2Dominion and if it's a criminal offence report it to the police as soon as they can."

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