Are you a good neighbour?

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If you were to rate yourself on a ‘good neighbour scale’ from 1 to 10, what score would you give yourself? Now flip that thinking around to take your neighbour’s perspective. Are the scores the same?

Are you a good neighbour

Most of us, most of the time, want to be good neighbours, but it’s easy to be inconsiderate without even knowing it. You told us that this is really important to you, so we’ve put this guide together for you.

Our differences make us interesting

We all live different lifestyles, so while you may not agree with all your neighbours’ choices you can respect them.

Be mindful that some people may have special needs, and in those circumstances, you might need to be more understanding.

Noise is part of life

If you’re planning to have a gathering, do noisy DIY repairs or make noise in another way, it’s good to let your neighbours know and try to finish at a respectable time. We all need a good night’s sleep to keep us be happy and healthy.

Don’t play your music or TV so loudly that it can be heard outside your home and make sure you observe quiet time after 11pm. A lot of people will be tucked up in bed by then.

Little ‘munchkins’

Try to encourage your children not to run around late at night, especially if you live in a flat. Your neighbours are likely to hear stomping and loud banging or even little feet running up and down on their ‘ceiling’.

If your neighbours have children, please expect some noise from them as they play or cry within reason. We all remember what it’s like to be a child, even if it was quite some time ago.

Our furry friends

If you have a dog, try not to let it whine or bark throughout the day, but especially during the night as this may disturb your neighbours’ sleep.

If your pet is unwell, speak to your neighbours to let them know, in case it makes more noise than usual.

Let’s talk to each other

If you’re concerned about something your neighbour is doing, try and have a friendly conversation as a first step.

It’s likely they won’t even realise their behaviour is affecting you, and most people will try to help if you ask nicely and explain how it will make your life easier.

The new ‘good neighbour’ card

To help you talk to your neighbours, we’ve created a ‘good neighbour card’ you can complete and pop into your neighbour’s letterbox or under their door.

The idea is for you to politely let your neighbours know about something they’re doing that is affecting you, since they probably don’t even know that they’re causing a problem.

You can find these on our website, or you can contact our Customer Contact Centre for more information.

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