Helping our customer get back on track


Thomas has spoken about the support he's received from our Tenancy Sustainment Team.

Thomas our customer smiling

What does our Tenancy Sustainment team do?

They help customers maximise their income and get support with cost-of-living increases and benefit advice. In 2023/24, we supported 2,245 customers to claim grants and benefits worth £9.7 million.

How we helped Thomas

Thomas received support from Ellie Dodman, who works in our Tenancy Sustainment team, to settle into his new home, stay on track with bills and find a new job. He had been living in temporary accommodation and was in desperate need of help after an accident that left him with two broken ankles.
Ellie worked with the Council to secure Thomas a new home. She made successful applications to local charities for furniture and a cooker.
Thomas was also supported to apply to the Discretionary Housing Benefit for a month's rent in advance. He worked with Ellie to update his Universal Credit, set up payment plans for his utility bills and claimed council tax discounts – this led to a 45% reduction in his water bill.
Thomas said: “I can’t thank Ellie enough for the help and advice she gave me with my new flat. I would have been scratching my head trying to navigate my benefits and bills without her help.
“Having a place to call home has changed me as a person and helped me move on from a difficult period in my life. The fact that I could pick up the phone and speak to Ellie who could help and advise me was brilliant.”


Finding a new job

Thomas had been unable to work for some time due to his injury, but once he was ready to find a job again, he was referred to our Employment Team.
Employment Adviser Yasmeen signed Thomas up to our Employment Programme. She helped him to update his CV, prepare for interview and look for a job. He was successful in gaining employment with a local restaurant, and now his confidence has grown, he is in the process of applying to the local Job Centre for a role as a work coach.
Thomas added: “I was very nervous about speaking about my disability to employers. Once I told Yasmeen about this, she helped me boost my confidence back by going through interview questions and scenarios.
“I thought Yasmeen was very professional in helping me find my feet again. If I ever needed to call her for advice she was always there to answer and guide me on things.”