Residents in West London Join community impact day


Dozens of residents in West London turned out for a special community impact day hosted by housing association A2Dominion.

Child on bicycle

It provided an opportunity for them to share their views, meet the housing team and partner organisations while enjoying fun activities.

The event, which took place at the Great West London development in Brentford, encouraged customers to meet A2Dominion teams to discuss a range of issues, which included employment advice, community safety and financial support. They also met the new Property and Safety Manager for their development.

Pyramid Plus, which delivers property and maintenance services for A2Dominion, were also on-hand to help residents with 50 minor repairs in their homes, which included light bulb replacements, painting, and window repairs.

Sean Ellis from Pyramid Plus, said: “Residents were delighted that we were able to help them there and then. It’s often the smaller repairs that make a big difference. We loved being part of this event and enjoyed meeting residents.”

A group of volunteers from Rose Property Services also helped to remove bulky items and garden waste for free. Residents were thrilled with the opportunity to dispose of furniture and larger items from their homes.

Julie Brooker, Communities Partner at A2Dominion, said: “We were delighted to see more than 30 local residents join our event. It was an opportunity for them to access guidance and support while meeting our friendly team.

“We hosted a range of activities for children who showcased their artistic skills through cake decorating and limbered up to take part in a mini sports day. Parents, carers and local residents were given free plants to spruce up their homes. We know times are tough for many people right now and we hope today has provided some fun and let residents know we’re here for them.”

Local councillors Marina Sharma (Brentford East), Rhys Williams (Brentford East), Lara Parizotto (Brentford West) and Guy Lambert (Brentford West) enjoyed chatting with residents and hearing about their experiences.

Cllr Sharma said: “It’s good to see everyone here today wanting to engage with leaseholders and residents. We can only be better if we work together.” Cllr Parizotto added: “I think it’s really valuable to have a day dedicated to customers. They reach out to us when they find it difficult to get issues resolved so this is positive for them to feel heard, and hopefully some of those issues can be resolved today.”

Every year, we invest £1.7m into our community investment programme, and last year we secured over £500,000 external funding to expand our offer. We support local communities with a wide range of projects, including help with cost of living, wellbeing, employment and training support, community activities and things to do and places to go for older people, families and children and young people.