Cost of living: What happens to your benefits when your child is leaving school or full-time education

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Our Tenancy Sustainment Team is here to provide support to customers with a range of practical money issues.

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This includes money management, help with reducing debts, applying for Universal Credit and claiming housing benefit after a change in circumstances.

One of the changes in circumstances that many customers often come to us for help with is when their child turns 16 and leaving school or full-time education.

Richard Bampton, A2Dominion’s Head of Income, said: “When a child turns 16, if they decide to leave school or education, child benefit and Child Tax Credit will stop, which can have a real impact on a customer’s financial situation.

“However, if a child continues onto approved education, then both benefits will continue but to receive them, you need to let HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) know.

“We’re here to help customers understand how they’ll be affected and provide practical support if needed. We encourage anyone who’d like support with this to get in touch with our team.”

More information

You can find more about child benefit on the government’s website and what to do with their child tax credit when they reach 16.

If your child leaves full-time education, you also need to update your Universal Credit journal as your child will no longer be treated as a dependant on your housing and Universal credit benefits

If you need any further guidance and support, please speak to our Tenancy Sustainment team by phone or by filling out our online contact form.