What do we do with your feedback?

Your home

Lots! We love receiving your feedback and we need it to help us make sure we’re giving you the best possible service.

Your feedback

We have various ways of asking for and receiving feedback from you, including:

  • Sending out surveys on a particular service or experience you had with us
  • Organising focus groups and other on-site activities, for example about your scheme or local area
  • Reviewing complaints and other day-to-day interactions we have with you to understand trends.

Your feedback tells us what we're doing right and also lets us know when we get things wrong, and how we can make life easier. As a result of your recent feedback we’ve made the following improvements:

  • A dedicated New Homes team now offers gold-accredited support and aftercare to customers who move in to our new-build properties.
  • We invested in our repairs team, so communal repairs are now being completed quicker than last year.
  • We've improved our website and customer portal so you can now access more of our services online, with more changes planned to help you self-serve 24/7.
  • We stayed in touch with those living alone in lockdown, making initial phone calls and then regular follow up calls when customers requested them to help us give them extra support. This included helping more than 300 people with food and medicine during lockdown.
  • We increased our support for over 70s, under 30s and those with mental health issues and where needed, have made referrals for tenancy support and other services.

Thank you for giving us your opinions and insights into our services, keep them coming!