Let's talk about your fire escape routes

Your home

It’s important that you and your family know what your fire escape route would be in the unlikely event of an emergency. It’s something you could stick on your fridge for you all to remember.

Image of fire escape sign

What is an emergency fire escape route?

If your home is in a building that is shared with other households, then you’ll share the same escape route, depending on what floor you’re on. This should lead you outside your building. Make sure that everyone in your household is familiar with this route so you don’t panic in an emergency situation. We maintain emergency escape routes to make sure they’re accessible and free from obstructions.

Keep communal spaces clear

Shared areas such as hallways and courtyards are critical in an emergency situation, which is why we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to storing or leaving items in these areas. 

So even though it may seem like doormats or other small items aren’t a fire hazard, we need to work together to make sure escape routes and access routes are completely clear in case of an emergency. 

Keep your escape route and home clear

This route should be kept completely clear of belongings so there aren’t any trip hazards if you or your family need to use it. 

Imagine a corridor polluted with smoke and suddenly those minor obstacles become serious hazards. You should make sure that you can reach your front door unobstructed and you can open it freely.

How we keep you safe

We carry out regular fire risk assessments in all of our buildings and their communal areas to check for any problems and solve them as quickly as possible. This includes checking your emergency escape route. 

If you discover a problem in your home or building, make sure you report it to us or get in touch with our friendly customer contact centre.

Let’s work together to keep you, your family and neighbours safe. 

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