Do you need financial help? We’re here for you


Worrying about your finances can leave you feeling isolated and trapped, particularly in the current climate.

Financial help form

You’re not alone – let us help

If you’re struggling with financial difficulties, don’t suffer in silence. Every year we help thousands of our customers with managing their finances through our Tenancy Sustainment Team. From helping navigate the benefits system, to getting a better deal on your bills, to practical money management tips and much, much more, our money experts can help.

And we’ve now made it easier than ever to get help

We’ve introduced a new form so you can let us know what advice you need. Once you’ve completed the form it goes straight to our Tenancy Sustainment team so that they can assess what you need help with and then contact you directly.

How does it work?

If you'd like to speak to one of our friendly team, fill out the form and someone will get in touch to discuss what options are available to you. Complete the form now to get help with your finances.

More information available on our help section

You’re struggling to pay your rent

If your rent or service charge changes