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When it comes to fire safety at home, you might think a fire extinguisher is the best way to put out a fire. So why don’t we all have fire extinguishers in our homes?

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Fire extinguishers can be effective at putting out fires - but only if it’s the right type of extinguisher. Using the wrong type could cause a fire to spread, rather than put it out!


Why is there no fire extinguisher in my block?


We’ve been advised that it’s no longer appropriate to provide fire extinguishers or hose reels in the shared areas of our blocks, as this equipment should only be used by people who are trained to use it. 

The safest thing for you to do in the event of a fire in your home is to evacuate the building and wait for the fire brigade to put out the fire. It’s not always safe for you to try to fight a fire yourself, so for that reason we don’t display fire extinguishers in shared areas of our blocks anymore. 

Professional fire fighters are trained to know which equipment to use depending on the fire and how to use it safely. 

My block used to have a fire extinguisher in the hallway, but I can’t see it now. Why has it been removed?


We carry out fire risk assessments on all our residential blocks regularly. Fire risk assessors are constantly updating their advice to us to reflect current best practice. If there isn’t an exceptional reason for a fire extinguisher to be present in a block, the risk assessor will usually advise us to remove it.

Can I buy my own fire extinguisher?


If there is a fire in your home, the safest thing to do is to get out, close all the doors and windows (if it’s safe to do so) and call 999 once you are out of the building. 

If you believe you  could extinguish a small fire with an appropriate home extinguisher, you might want to buy one for your home, but it’s important to still have a escape plan prepared and be aware of our fire safety advice.  

What should I do if there is a fire? 


If you discover a fire in your home, you should leave your home as quickly as possible, closing any windows and doors where it is safe to do so. You also need to make sure your front door is closed once everyone has left.

You should all then leave the building by the nearest available route and immediately call 999. Your neighbours in other flats should be protected by the structure of the building and shouldn’t need to leave the building unless they feel threatened, or are told to do so by the fire brigade.

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