Social distancing and PPE when working in your home

Your home

We’re working hard to deliver essential repairs as quickly as possible to ensure you are comfortable in your home. To keep you safe, we’re ensuring all our contractors follow Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines and government advice around social distancing.

Repair man with PPE

Before we visit your home

Any repairs carried out around your home are subject to a ‘risk assessment’, where we identify who could be at risk in the area of the work and how we can remove any unnecessary risks and hazards.

Our contractors are not allowed to work if they show any coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms and are sent home if they start to show symptoms while at work. If you are self-isolating, ‘shielding’, or have tested positive for coronavirus with a repair scheduled, you should:

When we visit your home

When we carry out repairs in your home, our contractors will always stay 2 metres away from you. To help us keep everyone safe:

  • Please do not approach our contractors while they are working
  • If you approach our contractors, they may ask you to keep your distance
  • If you don’t keep your distance, they may leave your home – for their safety and for yours.

If you do not follow these social distancing guidelines, important repairs around your home may be delayed, even if you aren’t showing any coronavirus symptoms.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If our contractors work inside your property, they will wear gloves and a face mask.

If working outside, our contractors may not wear masks as it is easier for them to maintain social distance (2 metres) from others.

If you have any concerns If you’re concerned a contractor isn’t following social distancing guidelines or wearing appropriate PPE while they carry out repairs, you can let us know.


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