Protecting vulnerable people during the pandemic


The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has proved a big challenge for many of us, and it is now more important than ever that we protect others in our local communities.

A2Dominion and our partner authorities are working to house vulnerable members of society – helping to protect them from the disease while the country stays at home.

Housing people most at risk

We’ve been renovating our empty properties to help house people who have nowhere to stay during government restrictions.

We’re also helping to house those who are recovering in hospital from treatment unrelated to coronavirus – including individuals who are most at risk.

By doing this, we are helping to free up vital hospital beds for those who need it most, and protect recovering individuals from unnecessary exposure to coronavirus in hospital.

We’ve also donated excess furniture to homeless charities, so anyone living in local shelters can continue to do so for an extended period of time.

Overcoming challenges

Housing vulnerable people has involved tireless work by our Residential Services team.

Staff members have been ensuring that properties are refurbished and furnished, so our new residents are as comfortable as possible during a challenging time.

A great accomplishment by the team includes delivering new carpets for a number of our homes, despite the challenge of many suppliers having to reduce their operations.

Jasmin Church, Acting Head of Lettings and Resales at A2Dominion, said:

“The success we’ve had in our work during recent weeks has been bittersweet.

Communities have unfortunately been challenged in ways we could not have expected at the start of the year, but we’re proud that A2Dominion is working with local authorities to house the most vulnerable.”

How you can help us

We’re aware that some of our most vulnerable customers cannot access our updates and advice online or via email. We’re doing our best to reach them in different ways, such as mailings and phone calls, but we need your help.

Recently, for example, we published a benefits guide, domestic abuse support and a quick guide to our services. In the coming week we will publish a series of articles to help with basic daily needs.

If you know someone – perhaps an elderly neighbour or friend - who would benefit from information that we have been sharing on our website, please spread the word.  A simple phone call can go a long way. Thanks for your help.

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