Keep your neighbourhood friendly this summer

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Summer is well and truly here, and with COVID restrictions in our rear-view mirrors (for now), we are all scrambling to get our homes and gardens ready to have friends over again.

Neighbours socialising


And while we’re all worried about cleaning the metaphorical cobwebs off our entertaining skills, we thought we’d help with some handy reminders to make summer entertaining as fun and friendly as possible.

The sounds of summer

Noise complaints tend to rise over the hotter months as people spend more time with their windows open to enjoy the fresh air and warm breeze.

There’s a good chance you might not even realise your voice and your music are carrying to your neighbours’ property if you both have your windows open.

Likewise, gatherings in communal areas can have more impact on your neighbours for the same reason. While it’s perfectly OK to enjoy these spaces, please be respectful to others when you do – this includes not leaving any rubbish behind!

But, of course, these issues go both ways. While we understand other people’s music, children playing, or people talking in a communal space may be annoying, it’s not unreasonable behaviour provided it’s at a decent time of day (10am to 10pm).

If this is causing problems because you have young children, work irregular hours or plenty of other reasons, we recommend having a friendly chat with your neighbour to let them know. It’s likely your neighbours don’t realise they’re making too much noise and most people will try to help if you ask nicely and explain how it will make your life easier.

Where there’s smoke

If you have a self-contained garden, you may be allowed to use a barbeque. But if you’re planning on cooking outdoors, let your neighbours know so they don’t leave their washing out and come back to clothes smelling like burgers and sausages.

Bonfires are not allowed on A2Dominion property, as they pose a significant risk to your neighbours. It does not take much for a small, controlled burn-off to get out of hand.

And there is another sort of smoke that isn’t welcome in our properties and surrounding areas. If you suspect your neighbours are using illicit substances, or engaging in other illegal activities, please report it directly to the police rather than to us.

We’ll work with the police to address the issue, but if you’re concerned for your safety, they will react more quickly.

Who are you going to call?

We take anti-social behaviour (ASB) reports very seriously, and we will offer support and advice to anyone who reports ASB to us.

You can report ASB online or over the phone. You can even report anonymously if you prefer, although this may make it more difficult for us to resolve your issue.

As mentioned above, for illegal activity you should contact the police before you contact us as they have the power to stop and sanction the people involved.

But the most effective way to handle ASB issues is to have a friendly conversation with your neighbour – most of the time they won’t even realise they’re doing something that has affected you.

If you’d like more advice on how to speak to a neighbour, please contact your housing or neighbourhood officer who will be more than happy to give you some tools to help your discussion.

We have more tips to help you have a great summer: