Coronavirus: investigating antisocial behaviour


In line with government advice, we’re asking all residents to respect social distancing and show consideration for people living around you.

Coronavirus ASBDuring this challenging time, we would like to remind you about the types of behaviour A2Dominion will investigate.

We’ll investigate:

  • Excessive noise complaints, especially at night
  • Residents being violent or damaging property
  • Threatening or abusive graffiti
  • People being harassed.

We won’t investigate:

  • Breaches of social distancing advice
  • DIY or vehicle repairs being made at an appropriate time of day
  • Cooking and baking smells
  • Untidy houses and garden areas
  • Parking disagreements if there are no official restrictions
  • Young children making noise or playing ball games
  • Listening to music during reasonable hours
  • Any noise coming from flushing toilets or walking around homes
  • Neighbours looking or staring at you.

How to report antisocial behaviour

  • To report a crime urgently, call the police on 999.
  • If you’re concerned that your neighbours are breaching social distancing advice, contact the police on their non-emergency number, 101.
  • The best way to report antisocial behaviour is through your A2Dominion account or by calling our Customer Contact Centre. Visit our website to learn more about reporting antisocial behaviour.

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