Bringing wellness to a community near you


World Wellbeing Week is an opportunity for all of us to consider our wellbeing, which includes social, physical, emotional, financial, career, community and environmental health and happiness. It seems like a good time to launch our Connecting Communities Programme.

Exercising together

Social isolation, loneliness and reduced physical activity can have serious health consequences and may have intensified for some of you during the coronavirus lockdown. They have been linked to many physical and mental health problems including heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression. According to Community Insight data, some of the neighbourhoods we currently work with have the lowest rating for health and wellbeing in the country. That’s why we’re trying to make a difference through our community programmes.

Which neighbourhoods are involved?

We provide our Connecting Communities Programme to all residents in our ‘key neighbourhoods’ across Westminster, Ealing, Spelthorne, Bicester, Hounslow, Hillingdon, Winchester and Chichester. ‘Key neighbourhoods’ are communities we’ve identified through a range of measures as needing a little extra attention, such as worklessness, number of antisocial behaviour complaints and crime levels.

For our Connecting Communities Programme, we want to help reduce social isolation and loneliness in key neighbourhoods and encourage more physical activity, while still following guidance around social distancing. Keep a look out for postcards that we’ll be sending you if you’re part of these communities.

What classes are included?

We’re running a range of online classes, including:

Over time we will add more classes, and we’ll update you when we do. You can attend these classes online with peers from your neighbourhood, in a safe place where you can stay connected and share experiences. We keep the group sizes small, to make sure it’s easy to get to know each other and work together.

How can I get involved?

Check out our Communities Facebook page to find out more about all our community events - we add new events regularly.

you don’t live in one of our key neighbourhoods, visit our website to find out how we can support you if you feel lonely and isolated and for help with your finances, health and wellbeing.