Girls’ Hub – a safe place for young women


The Girls’ Hub in the Avenues Youth Project is a supportive space for you, your daughter and all women aged between 11 and 18. And to make it easier and safer for you to get there, we’ve launched a bus service that will safely take you to and from the Hub.

Girls Hub

What is Girls’ Hub?

The Girls’ Hub is a female-only space where youth workers and volunteers offer young women support and guidance to become confident, resilient and focused individuals - all while learning new skills, making new friends and having fun.

What goes on at the Hub?

We understand that everyone is different and has different ways of learning, so at Girls’ Hub they provide learning methods and tools to suit everyone. If you’re not particularly academic or sporty don’t worry – they offer a wide range of activities and services to help you physically, mentally and emotionally including:

  • Cooking
  • Dance
  • Arts and craft
  • Health and wellbeing workshops
  • A quiet place to study with access to computers and printers

We want to help you develop your social, emotional and intellectual skills so you can build healthy relationships and friendships, gain education and skills, and live the life you want to live.

Where and when is Girls’ Hub?

Girls’ Hub meets every Tuesday from 6-8.30pm in the Avenues Youth Project at Third Avenue in Queen’s Park. All activities at Girls’ Hub are free of cost for women aged 11-18 years.

What about Covid-19?

The Girls’ Hub is still running as it is an educational hub so it aligns with government guidance. The Avenues is working hard to make sure the Girls’ Hub space is Covid-19 safe and follows government guidelines. They are also making sure that social distancing is in place. Please ensure you wear a mask when you attending as our staff will also be wearing them. No more than 10 people in each activity will be allowed, and you will need to decide which project you wish to take part in each week and remain in that bubble for the session. These ‘bubbles’ are a great opportunity to get to know other women your age and make new friends.

Where can I get the bus from?

To make it safer for you or your daughter to attend Girls’ Hub we arrange free transport from and to certain locations. The collection points are:

  • Selby Square (Dowland Street end)
  • Outside the Beethoven Centre (Third Avenue)
  • Dart Street (Near the Mini Market)

We’re doubling transport to make sure we’re following government guidance around social distancing between passengers. This means you might miss a few minutes of the start and finish of your sessions.

What about boys?

We haven’t forgotten about you! Please join the Avenues at their Friday night sessions for young people aged 13-18 at 6:45-9pm. We have free bus pickups for our Friday night sessions at the same collection points.

How do I confirm a place on the bus?

To confirm a place on the bus please get in touch on 0208 969 9552 or email for more information.