A 'gincredible' act of kindness


Our Care & Support staff recently received a timely tonic from an unlikely source in the heart of Oxfordshire.

Oxford Artisan Distillery

The Oxford Artisan Distillery (TOAD) has kindly donated hand sanitiser to help our frontline staff continue delivering important care to our most vulnerable residents in and around Oxford.

In our supported housing, ‘hand rubs’ provide a quick and effective way for our Care & Support staff to clean their hands while they work to keep our residents comfortable and safe during a challenging time.

What is TOAD?

Situated to the east of city centre, the Oxford Artisan Distillery, or TOAD, has been producing gin since its set-up in 2017. Following the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK, TOAD have turned their efforts to producing virus-fighting hand sanitiser.

The sanitiser, which has been produced to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommended formula, is being made and donated to in-need Oxfordshire organisations and care homes to help out during the coronavirus pandemic.

With vital resources needed to make hand sanitiser in such high demand, the distillery is being especially generous and we are so grateful for this.

Helping us care for our residents

As people across the UK wash their hands regularly to help stop the transmission of the disease, good hand hygiene has become very important in the fight against the coronavirus.

Without such a vital donation from TOAD, some local organisations may struggle to get hand sanitiser in the way they normally would, as public demand for hand sanitiser remains high across the country.

Pam Vasir, Director of Supported Housing at A2Dominion, said:

“The pandemic has proven a challenge to organisations, big and small, so it’s brilliant to see the distillery devote its time, effort, and resources to help others across the county.

We’re so thankful to The Oxford Artisan Distillery for its amazing donation.”

How you can help

TOAD is continuing to produce hand sanitiser for Oxfordshire-based organisations and individuals in need.

This month, the distillery reached the milestone of producing 1300 litres of hand sanitiser, donating over 100 five-litre bottles and over 500 individual 125ml bottles.

You can help TOAD by donating to its GoFundMe page, where they have now received over £5000 in donations.

Thanks again TOAD, for helping us take care of our customers.

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