Unexpected cashback in the bagging area

Your home

Earlier this year, the Office of National Statistics estimated that a family of four living in the UK spends about £570 a week on “everyday” expenses such as food, getting around, and education. 

It’s money you need to spend, but how often does it feel like it’s going nowhere? What if the money you spend on these everyday expenses could help you pay your rent?

With the My Rent Rewards app it can!

Rent rewards

Rewarding your spending

The best thing about My Rent Rewards is that you probably don’t have to do much more than you’re already doing to start earning cashback.

When you sign up to the app, it links your debit card to your rent account with us, so you can start earning cashback towards your rent payments.

If you do your weekly shop at Tesco, buy your clothes from ASOS, order via Just Eat and get your toiletries from Boots, then you won’t have to do much more than download the app from Google Play or the App Store, and register your details.

You can earn cashback from over 4,000 retailers all over the UK and online, so it’s almost harder to buy something that you won’t get cashback from.

There’s also great discount offers on the app to help you save even more.

Make your spending work for you

My Rent Rewards can also alert you to places you can earn cashback based on your interests. Like travelling? Book your hotels through the right website and your next weekend getaway will help you pay your rent.

You can also set targets to help you get to your rent goal, manage your spending, or work towards paying off any rent debt.

So why wait? Download My Rent Rewards today and start paying your rent each time you shop!