Do you want a Great Place to Live?


We know how important it is to be happy with where you live. As part of our commitment to providing you with a neighbourhood you can be proud of, we have launched our Great Places to Live project to make improvements to some of your communities.

Great places to live


What is ‘Great Places to Live’?

‘Great Places to Live’ is all about improving our neighbourhoods by looking at the things that matter to you. Staff across A2Dominion have been working together to put your ideas into action;

I'm proud to be part of this new and exciting project. It's all about making sure we deliver better services and more opportunities that help to improve our customers' lives."
Coral Nesbitt, Communities Partner

How will you know what residents want?

To understand the things that matter to you, we spoke to customers at each of the 5 neighbourhoods we’re starting the project with. We also had our repairs and gardening team on hand to carry out any jobs that needed doing.

Through conversations with our customers we identified some key priorities for their neighbourhood:

  • Repairs - making sure they were done on time and, if more than one repair is needed, that these are done in the same visit.
  • Access to useful services – help getting advice and support on things like employment, money management, NHS services and mental health.
  • Anti-social behaviour – more advice on what to do if there’s anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood.
  • Making strong communities – helping communities to work together and reducing the number of people who feel isolated.

Together, we’ve come up with action plans for each neighbourhood which we’ve committed to over the next year.

Eventually we hope to bring Great Places to Live to more neighbourhoods. Everything we learn throughout the project will help us to improve the communities you live in.