Statement about our rent policy

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We have received a number of queries from our customers about the potential for “rent holidays” as the country comes to terms with the coronavirus pandemic.

Rent freeze

We want to reassure our customers that we are monitoring the situation closely and will respond as we need in line with the government’s advice. The government hasn’t so far included social housing residents in their commitment to helping people with their rent.

Our Tenancy Sustainment team is on hand to help anyone who is worried about their financial situation, whether or not they are affected by coronavirus.

We encourage you to reach out to us so we can help where we can, and we will assist you to claim appropriate benefits which may help to cover you rent commitment.

These are unprecedented times and we’ve not yet finalised our thoughts around this but we are monitoring the level of arrears, how many new residents start to become in arrears and other measures to help us identify the impact on our customers and our business.

Eviction is always our very last resort. We echo the statement made by Kate Henderson, Chair of the National Housing Federation: "No one should be evicted because of the coronavirus. We are confident that no housing association will do this, and want anyone affected by the outbreak to be reassured they will not be evicted.”

If you’d like to speak to someone in our Tenancy Sustainment team, please call 0800 432 0077.

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