Help us make your repairs go smoothly


When something is broken in your home, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible, on the first visit, and properly – right? Well the good news is if we work together this is far more likely to happen.

Smooth repairs

Here we talk about what you can expect from us when it comes to repairs, and how you can help us get the problem sorted as seamlessly as possible. 

What we will do

  • Before we arrive, we’ll be in touch to make sure no one in your home has Covid-19 symptoms, is self-isolating or in quarantine – so we can reschedule your repair if necessary.
  • Our staff will always wear a face covering while working in your home. They may or may not be able to wear gloves depending on the type of job they are doing.
  • We’ll complete the repair at our first visit if possible and clean up after ourselves once we’re finished.
  • Before we leave, we’ll explain the repair to you, as well as any next steps if there is more to do.

What you can do

  • When you request a repair, let us know if someone in your house is quarantining, self-isolating or displaying Covid-19 symptoms via My Account, phone, live chat or our dedicated webform.
  • If you, or any other member of your household, displays symptoms between requesting your repair and the appointment, please get in touch to rearrange it.
  • You should only allow our staff in uniform with ID to enter your home. Our staff will wear a uniform and clearly visible identification. You can always give us a buzz to confirm they’ve been sent by us.
  • Clear the area where the repair will take place so we can easily access it. Then maintain a safe 2-metre distance, preferably leaving the room the contractor is in, and create a clear pathway of your home for our contractors and their tools.
  • Make sure you wear a mask. Our staff will not enter your home unless you are wearing a mask.
  • If in doubt, please ask. If there’s something our staff member is or isn’t doing that you’re not comfortable with, please talk to them so they know how to help. This might be asking them to use a dust sheet, or wear PPE if they’ve forgotten.

How to request a repair

The easiest and fastest way to request a repair is online using My Account. If you don’t have an account, you can set one up in a few minutes on our website. You can also get in touch with our friendly Customer Contact Centre, submit an online form or use live chat on our website.

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