Find out how to keep your charges down today

Your home

Did you know that when you leave larger items in your bin areas, we have to arrange for a contractor to get rid of them? Then we need to charge you for this service, which may increase your service charge. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to keep your charges down.

Recycling unwanted goods

Have you tried your local council?

If larger items are left with your usual rubbish, they won’t be collected by your local authority with your general waste. Contact your local council to make special arrangements for them to collect these items.

Make a difference by donating

Why not donate your unwanted things to a charity so someone else can enjoy them? One charity we work closely with is the British Heart Foundation. They will collect your items for free if they’re in working condition, and you can book your collection online. Of course, there are lots of other charities you can donate to as well.

Earn extra cash by selling online

Selling your unwanted clothes, shoes, accessories and even home and entertainment items is a great way to get money for things you don’t want or need anymore. And it’s such a popular trend now, that you have a range of websites and apps to choose from. A simple online search will give you plenty of options.

Care for our environment by recycling

Some companies offer ‘collect and recycle’ services, especially retailers that sell washing machines, fridge freezers, TVs, and laptops. For around £20, they will take your larger appliances and recycle them. This makes sure your items are disposed of properly and saves you the time and effort to go down to the tip. The best part is you don’t even have to buy an appliance from them to get rid of your old or unwanted item. Try searching for ‘collect and recycle’ online.

I’ve seen someone fly-tipping. What should I do?

Please remember that fly-tipping is a breach of your tenancy. If you witness someone fly-tipping, please contact us, so we can investigate.

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