Would you need help to evacuate?

Your home

Do you have a plan in place for if there is a fire in your home or building? An agreed approach to keep yourself and your loved ones safe - and to evacuate if you need to? With just a little thought and preparation, fire safety doesn't need to be scary or complicated.

Who is responsible for fire safety?

Everyone! We're all responsible for keeping ourselves, our families and our homes as safe from fire as possible. This includes being smart about the way we use heat and fire in our homes.

Around half of all home fires are caused by cooking accidents. Cigarettes and candles are also big contributors. Just think how many fires we could avoid by always keeping an eye on cooking and candles, and properly extinguishing smoking materials.

Should you be worried about fire?

The risk of a residential fire is actually quite low. By following a few simple steps to prevent and prepare for a fire in your home, you won't need to be concerned.

Would you need extra help to evacuate?

If you or someone in your household would need help to evacuate if there was a fire, it's worth making sure you have a plan in place just in case. Here are some things to think about:

  1. Are you less able to react to a fire alarm, due to a hearing impairment, for example?
  2. Could you unlock your front door unassisted if necessary?
  3. Can you use the stairs?
  4. Are there items or clutter in your home blocking your escape route?

Keeping your home safe

Your local fire brigade may be able to carry out a home fire safety visit, to help you identify potential risks and put together an escape plan in case there is a fire. They also have a great home fire safety checker online, where you can get specific advice for your home or for the home of someone you care about.

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