Update on our regulatory grading


The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) sets standards for social housing providers in England. Following a review, we’ve been given a grading of G3/V2 by the Regulator. Our previous grading was G1/V2, before it was placed under review in September 2023. 

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What does the grading mean?

Our new grading shows that whilst we continue to meet the regulator’s financial viability requirements (V2), we need to make significant improvements to our governance arrangements (G3) to fully comply with its Governance & Financial Viability Standard. This is for areas relating to business planning, risks and controls, and data.

We will continue to engage closely with the Regulator in order to return to a fully compliant governance grading. Together, we are putting a plan in place. 

How does the grading affect customers?

Our new grading does not affect any of our services to customers nor the communities we serve. We’ll continue to deliver our day-to-day operations as normal.

What are we doing to improve?

We had already recognised the need to make a number of important changes in early 2023 and have listened carefully to the feedback of our customers. 

As a result, we accelerated the implementation of a wide range of improvements. We launched a new strategy and plan, and engaged even more closely with the Regulator. This included letting the Regulator know that we had identified some issues (i.e. self-referrals).

Our customers have been involved in shaping the changes we have been making to our services, and will continue to do so.

Ian Wardle, Chief Executive Officer of A2Dominion, said: “We know that outcomes for some customers have been poor and last year I issued an apology to all customers who may have been adversely affected.  

“While we have made some improvements, work is still underway to fully resolve issues with repairs, service charges, complaints, damp and mould, latent defects and the roles and responsibilities with managing agents. 

“We also know that our services aren’t as responsive as they could be.  In some of these areas, we aren’t always delivering the high standards we set ourselves and customers expect.  

“While we are disappointed to be downgraded it is also a huge opportunity to reset and get things right. 

“A2Dominion is a special organisation with a new strategy and renewed focus as a charitable housing association to ensure that by 2030 all our residents live in a home that they love and that we are trusted to provide safe, high-quality homes and services.  

“We remain committed to building as many new affordable homes as we able to afford to do so.  

“We are all determined to get things right.”

The Regulator of Social Housing said: “A2Dominion is working positively with the regulator to ensure it has the capacity and capability, and in conjunction with external advisers, the support to address the governance issues identified in this regulatory judgement. 

“The current Chief Executive and Chair have been proactive in identifying weaknesses and communicating these with the Regulator.”

On-going improvements

Last year we reviewed our core purpose as a housing association, resulting in the launch of a new Corporate Strategy with a vision to provide homes that our customers love to live in. 

We have been looking closely at how we can continue to improve as an organisation and deliver even better services to customers.

We have already taken a number of steps to achieve this, including:

More information

We will continue to update you and we’ll share news on our progress via our website and customer newsletter. You can also find out more about the Regulator of Social Housing on its website.