Repairs and maintenance

Our repairs service is provided by Pyramid Plus in partnership with our contractor Mears UK. We’re committed to delivering a good quality repair service as quickly as we can.

Home repairs and improvements

If you’re a social housing customer, we’re responsible for everything inside your house that we installed, such as central heating, pipes, plasterwork and window catches.

If you are a homeowner, key worker, student, retirement living or rent privately from us then you are responsible for maintaining the inside of your home. This includes internal electrical wiring and plumbing.

Man pointing at brickwork

Communal repairs

We carry out repairs to areas of your building and estate that you share with other customers.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Entry systems, lifts and lighting
  • Plumbing and drainage outside your home
  • Fire doors, foyer doors, security gates, window frames, floors and footpaths
  • Repairs to communal heating and hot water systems.

Man fitting kitchen units

Planned works

If you are a social housing customer, we also have a planned and major works programme for your home. This includes things like replacing your kitchen, bathroom or boiler. We plan this work several years ahead and we'll write and let you know when it's scheduled to happen, which is usually every 5 to 10 years. To find out when planned works are due for your building you can get in touch with us.

How to report a repair

Once you’ve checked if the repair is our responsibility, you can:

Read our repairs and maintenance help pages for more information.