We've helped thousands of customers gain £9.7million


Are you struggling to pay bills or unsure what benefits you may be entitled to?

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We’re here to help.

Our Tenancy Sustainment Team is on hand to help you maximise your money and access:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Help with Universal Credit and other benefit applications
  • Charitable grants funding
  • Food vouchers and home essentials for those in crisis

How we’ve supported our customers

Last year we supported thousands of customers to a total value of £9.7 million.

What we did:

  • Helped with 1,000 benefit claims, including Housing Benefit, Universal Credit, Council Tax Support, Pension Credit and Child Benefit. This also included more than 80 Disability Benefit claims.
  • Achieved 100% success rate at benefit tribunals (court cases to make decisions on benefits appeals) and supported customers to prepare their case and attend a tribunal this year. This resulted in backdated benefits payments totalling over £42,000 (an average of £6,000 per customer).
  • Provided access to grant and charitable funding of more than £104,000 including access to furniture, white goods, and food banks.
  • Supported 100 customers this year with over £28,000 of funding from A2Dominion to help with the purchase of white goods and furniture, support with debts, purchasing school uniform and lots more.
  • Helped 42 customers in Spelthorne to furnish their new homes through our Flooring and Furniture project.
  • Helped access Local Authority Household Support Funding for more than 30 families who were at risk of losing their homes due to rent arrears, with an average award of £1,500 in one off payments to clear rent arrears and stay in their homes.

Richard Bampton, A2Dominion’s Head of Income, said: “Increases to the cost of living have had a huge impact on many of our customers. We have seen a 44% increase in referrals from customers wanting help with money management.

“Last year, we helped customers gain a record £9.7m. This included providing food vouchers and home essentials for those in crisis.”

“We know the benefit system can be difficult to navigate. That’s why we have our specialist team of advisors who are on hand to provide advice and support.

“Get in touch and find out what help may be available to you through benefits, grants and other sources of support.”

How we helped clear £40,000 rent arrears for a group of customers

Paul Warner, who works in our Tenancy Sustainment Team, supported a group of customers to gain almost £40,000 towards rent arrears and backdated payments to them. They had fallen into debt because their housing benefit had been incorrectly suspended.

Some of the residents felt overwhelmed by the situation and were struggling. This meant they were unable to open post or respond to calls.

Paul visited the customers in their homes to talk to them and provide reassurance. He investigated what happened and worked with the local councils to ensure their housing benefit was re-instated and backdated, clearing the rent arrears in full.

Paul now visits our over 50s schemes regularly to provide financial guidance and benefit support to reduce the risk of similar issues happening again. It is valued and appreciated by everyone who lives at the schemes.

How can we support you?

If you're experiencing financial difficulties, we have lots of information on our money matters page on the website.

We are here to help, get in touch with us today:

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