Watch our video to hear our top tips for keeping safe in your building

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We’ve launched a new animated video to share advice to help you keep safe while in your building.

Image with banner saying A2Dominion's top tips for keeping safe in your building

We’ve looked at everyday scenarios, and where building safety concerns have been reported to us, which has shaped this video.

Watch our short building safety animation which looks at:  

  • Using window restrictors correctly
  • How to book repairs
  • Keeping communal areas clear


Daniel Simpson, Head of Enhanced Housing Management at A2Dominion said: “The safety of our customers  remains our number one priority, and we’re always looking for new ways to share key safety advice  to make sure that everyone is as safe as they can be in their buildings.

“We hope that you find the tips we’ve included in this video useful.”  

Find out more about keeping safe in your building

We have lots of useful information about building safety which you can find under the help section on our website.

You can also watch our fire safety video which shares useful advice on how to keep safe from fire in your home.