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Your feedback allows us to understand what we’re doing right and what isn’t quite working well.

Customer feedback 2022

We have various ways of asking for and receiving feedback from you, including;

  • Sending out surveys
  • Organising focus groups
  • Reviewing complaints

1. Post Covid socialisation

We encouraged some of our residents to socialise and use their lounge more once things started to open up after Covid-19 restrictions. To help with this we organised a Christmas party and Macmillan day which were well-attended.

2. What’s your name?

Within our care facilities, staff are constantly reminded to introduce themselves when entering homes and to make sure that their name badges are visible at all times.

3. Grounds and maintenance requests

At Nevil Court, we organised tree pruning in line with tree surveys carried out by Rose Property Services.

4. Directing queries to the right place

We’ve been working to ensure that all queries and concerns are redirected to the correct teams, and our staff are probing more and asking the right questions to make sure this happens. As a result, we’ve seen an improvement in our response times.

What you’ve had to say about us

We love receiving positive feedback from you, but it’s also important that we learn about what isn’t quite right, so we can do something about it. So please let us know your thoughts, whether they’re positive or not so positive. Here are a few things some of you’ve had to say recently:

  • “My overall experience has been very good. A2Dominion is very proactive in getting things sorted and responsive to any reported issues.”
  • Apart from a couple of issues with our main entrance door locks, which would be best suited to changing to fob keys, you have always acted very promptly on sorting out various problems.  The grounds maintenance and communal cleaning is now being done regularly, so am very satisfied overall.”
  • "Easy to communicate and always happy to help me.”

Keep them coming

Thank you for helping us better ourselves. Please continue to keep your opinions and feedback coming in through our various feedback options

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Why your feedback and involvement are so important

Why your feedback is so important to us