Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Your home

Fire. Flooding. Burglary. We never think these things will happen to us, but are you as protected as you should be if they do?

Contents insurance

Having contents insurance can make the aftermath of the unexpected less painful than it might otherwise be.

David and Wendy’s story

David and Wendy are A2Dominion customers who had part of their home destroyed by fire last year.

The fire started in a neighbouring property and soon spread to theirs, destroying the roof and severely damaging the upper floors of their property. The remaining parts of their home were heavily water-damaged in the course of fighting the fire.

They saved some of their items, but their brand-new TV and David’s golf clubs were lost in the blaze. They didn’t have contents insurance, making rebuilding their lives more expensive than it needed to be.

“Take out insurance. I’ve never needed my car insurance, despite having it for years, which is why we didn’t think we’d need contents insurance,” David said.

“A couple of pounds a month would have saved us a lot of heartache.”

“You never know what’s going to happen, and it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind, instead of being thousands of pounds out of pocket, like my wife and I were.”

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