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Accessing our services is easy, safe and convenient. Join thousands of our customers already benefiting from their online My Account.

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You can manage your rent, repairs, complaints and your details in one place and you can access it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Last month we had 1,638 new users, there are now 7,220 of you signed up to use it and most of you are using it to manage your rent.

What are the benefits?

My Account can be used for various things:

Your finances

  • View your rent statement
  • Pay your rent online (will take you to the AllPay site)

If you’d like to set up a direct debit for your rent, for GDPR reasons, you will need to call us on 0800 432 0077.

You Home

  • Request a repair
  • Check the status of your repair (please note that they may not show immediately or if you have reported it via a different channel)
  • Check your completed repairs
  • Query past or ongoing repairs and submit feedback

Your details

  • Update your contact details


  • Check the status and outcome of your complaint
  • Report estate issues and anti-social behaviour

If you need to update your name, date of birth or National Insurance number you will need to call us on 0800 432 0077.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for My Account on our website.

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