Update for our residents in tall buildings

Your home

We want to make sure that everyone who lives in our tall buildings feels informed about everything that is currently affecting them. Here we give an update on what we are doing to ensure our tall buildings meet safety standards.

Tall buildings update

If you live in one of our tall buildings, we appreciate there may be some uncertainty around your home. We want you to know that, even with everything else going on in the world, we haven’t forgotten about you and realise how important it is that we keep you up to date with all the latest developments at all times.

Some of you have got in touch with questions and, while we will respond to all of you individually, we wanted to have the answers to your most common queries in one place.

Below is a quick summary of the information available, as well as links to the more in-depth pages and lists of teams to contact if you still have questions.

Tall buildings, cladding and fire safety

Here we explain our approach to surveying our tall buildings to make sure they meet safety standards. We set out which buildings are being inspected, what’s involved and how you can be sure your building is safe.

We also explain what happens when we perform an investigative survey of your building and the next steps if the survey reveals work needs to be done.

Information for leaseholders and shared owners

Re-mortgaging, staircasing and selling properties in tall buildings

On this page you’ll find an explanation of how government safety advice for tall buildings, along with recent control measures from the banks, may affect selling or remortgaging.

There’s also helpful information available if you’re facing financial difficulties due to a sale falling through and wish to sublet your property instead.

As a leaseholder or shared owner, will I have to pay for the works that are required for my building?

We know people are worried about the cost of repairs. On this page we explain all the steps we’re taking to recover those costs so that they’re not passed on to you.

We also outline what happens if, despite our efforts, that is not possible.

Further updates

As with so much at the moment, the situation regarding tall buildings is fluid and likely to change at some point in the future. As and when this happens, we’ll update the information on these pages and keep you informed at all times.