Feeling a sense of belonging

From the start of the pandemic, we reached out to those who would be hardest hit with a total lockdown.

Being here for all our customers has always been important to us at A2Dominion. Every year we help thousands of our customers to access the support they need, so when lockdown hit, we adapted to the situation. We made over 9,000 phone calls during 2020, helping people to access food and medicine, giving advice and financial support, and often just having a chat.  

Our teams went above and beyond to reach as many customers as possible and we’re grateful for, and proud of their efforts.

The pandemic helped us speed up our plan to get to know you better and we'll carry on working with you to make sure you have the support you need.

You can help us by checking we have your up-to-date information, including your diversity data so we can make sure we're giving all our customers fair access to our services.

John Penton

Leah from A2Dominion has helped me a lot. I’ve lived on my own for 20 years and seldom see anyone or speak to anyone. When she came along it was like a new breath of life. She’s a really good listener and I can’t praise her enough. Having someone like that in your corner makes such a huge difference.

The support we offer includes help finding a job, managing finances, getting online and getting involved in your community. We do everything we can to help you feel secure in your home. Over the last year our tenancy sustainment team secured £8.3m in extra financial support for our customers.

Helping you stay connected

We helped 123 customers get online through our Digital Inclusion programme. Many of our community events and programmes have been running online throughout the year, including homework clubs and exercise classes.