Your customer annual report 2020/21

Providing high quality homes and services has always been our priority and in the year we all stayed home, this became even more important than ever. For us, 2020 was all about making sure you could still access our services safely. 

We’re proud to have kept our repairs service going throughout the first lockdown and beyond, whilst also increasing support services - our teams have worked tirelessly to make sure you had the help you needed.

We want you to know how we approached the challenges of 2020. We’re using data and your feedback to identify where we will improve our services for you, but for now, here’s a roundup of our performance in 2020-21.

  • 82.8% of you told us you were happy with our services, above our 82% target
  • We secured £8.3m of extra financial support for our customers
  • We invested £1.8m in social and physical activities in your communities
  • 70,000+ repairs and over 5,000 planned maintenance jobs completed in your homes 
  • We invested £42.6m in maintaining and upgrading your homes
  • 95% of you who bought a new home from us would recommend us