It’s Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Awareness Week

Your home

We want your neighbourhoods, homes and buildings to be a peaceful and secure place for you to live. Our Neighbourhood Teams work hard to prevent anti-social behaviour in our communities and support customers who experience it.

As part of ASB Awareness Week, we’re raising awareness of how you can report ASB to us and to assure you we'll do everything we can to help.

ASB Awareness Week is run by Resolve, an organisation that focuses on community safety and ASB. Running their third ASB Awareness Week this year, they aim to share information about ASB and encourage people to not suffer in silence.


How you can report ASB

If your neighbour or someone else is doing something that is making it difficult for you to enjoy your home, there are several things you can do to address the situation.

Whether you’re an A2Dominion customer or not, if you need to report ASB, the quickest way to do it is through your A2Dominion My Account. If you don't have an online account, you can register for one.

You can also call us on 0800 432 0077 during office hours, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm. To report a crime urgently, call the police on 999. 

Before reporting anti-social behaviour, it's important to understand what you can and cannot report as ASB.


Case study - how we tackled antisocial behaviour at one of our estates in Oxford

Residents living at one of our scheme in Oxford,  turned to A2Dominion for help after being impacted by anti-social behaviour.

They had been affected by issues with noise nuisance, violence and drug use caused by people living in two properties on the estate.

 A2Dominion’s Neighbourhood Officer Angela Dewey was responsible for working with residents and the police to tackle the issues that had been reported.

Angela said: “Anti-social behaviour has a huge impact on the lives of residents, so when these issues were reported to us we took immediate action to tackle the matters.

“Firstly, we worked with residents to document the issues they’d been experiencing then we worked closely with the police to build a case.”

“We gathered evidence, and police raided both properties and seized drugs and several mobile phones.”

“Following this, the police went to court and obtained Closure Orders which allowed A2Dominion to apply to the court for mandatory possession of both properties. This resulted in the perpetrators of the ASB being evicted from their homes.”

“I regularly visit the estate which is now a much safer and more peaceful place to live. When visiting one of the residents who had reported the ASB to us, I asked how things were now and she told said, “I like living here, there is a sense of community now.”


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