Did you know fly-tipping can increase your service charge?

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With Christmas and New Year's Day just gone, there’s likely to be more waste around. But with a little thought, we can avoid fly-tipping and keep your service charge down.

Christmas fly tipping

Why does fly-tipping affect my service charge?

We provide waste and recycling bins across our schemes, so fly-tipping is avoidable. If we have to pay for waste removal due to fly-tipping, we need to charge this to you, which means your service charge increases for that year.

Christmas leftovers

With Christmas just gone you might have extra packaging, rubbish and unwanted gifts around. That means it’s more important than ever that we recycle as much as possible, break down recycling and waste to take up less space, and compost food items if you can.

What should I do with unwanted items and gifts?

If you have unwanted items such as clothing or gifts, you may want to consider giving them to charity. Someone else could make better use of it and this will prevent them going into landfill unnecessarily. Helpful to others and kind to our environment. If charity shops are closed, keep these items aside until you can donate them.

What will not be collected?

Larger items won’t be collected by your local authority with your general waste, which means you’ll need to make special arrangements with your local council for their collection. Leaving black bags and other items around the bin may also result in missed waste collections. It’s so important that you put rubbish and recyclables inside the bins provided.

I’ve seen someone fly-tipping. What should I do?

Please remember that fly-tipping is a breach of your tenancy. It’s so important that you and your neighbours look after your communal areas and act responsibly. If you witness fly-tipping, please contact us immediately so we can investigate.