Finances, health and wellbeing: how we can help you


Here we’ve put together a summary of the various ways we can help at the moment – from delivering food and medicine, to support with your finances and ways we are combating social isolation.

Support roundup

During this unpredictable and worrying time, we understand that some of you may be facing challenges due to not being able to leave your house as much, or in some cases not at all. Here’s a round-up of the ways we are supporting you and others to get through this together.

Help us spread the word

Even if these issues don’t affect you personally, it’s likely someone in your local community is facing challenges like those we’re describing here. Please have a think about anyone who could benefit from this advice and share it with them. This might be particularly relevant for people you know over 70-years-old. A simple phone call can go a long way.

Financial challenges

We know that some of you will be worried about the impact coronavirus has had on your income. On this page we have explained what steps we’re taking to help you through any financial challenges you may be facing and any other financial relief available to support you.

Social isolation

Here we’ve explained how you can stay connected if you are self-isolating.

There’s helpful information on different schemes and services that you can call upon if you’re feeling isolated with no one to talk to. These range from friendship services, to help with transport to and from hospital, as well as a range of other support.

Food and shopping

Currently for many of you getting food is proving to be difficult. This could be because you cannot get to the shops or you’re facing financial challenges, which means that you can’t afford it.

On this page we have put together some ways we may be able to help you as well as other places you can turn to for support.

Medical needs

We’ve put together information about how to stay fit and healthy while you’re staying at home.

There are also useful contacts that you can get in touch with if you need help getting medicine or services related to your physical and mental health.

Here there is also information to help you if the recent worrying rise in domestic abuse is affecting you or someone you know.

Further updates

Everything is moving quickly at the moment, which means the support you need may also change. As and when this happens, we’ll update the information on these pages so it’s worth checking back from time to time. We hope you and your loved ones are well and continue to be.